These Are The Perfect Places To Look For Mold

If the home isn’t ventilated and maintained in the best way possible and on a regular basis, you can be sure that problems are going to occur. This commonly occurs in the form of mildew and mold. While these problems can worsen the aesthetic appeal of your home, the biggest issue is that these can be extremely dangerous for your health. If there’s a lot of mildew and mold in your home then you are going to suffer from common allergy symptoms. Furthermore, if you’ve been exposed to these for quite some time, there can be long-term health problems too.

mold inside the home

There are lots of places that support the growth of mold and I’m sure you’re already aware of most of these. These will include damp areas that don’t get any sunlight or any fresh air. However, there are other areas that can be affected too and these aren’t that common so we often miss them.

The main area that gets missed by most people is the washing machine. This will have a compartment that is supposed to hold the laundry detergent and this is the compartment that is commonly affected by mold. This is because this area has all the conditions needed by mold to thrive. In order to combat this growth, you need to ensure that this compartment is left open after you have washing your clothes. You don’t need to leave it open forever but just leave it open for a few hours. Do this every time you wash clothes and maybe even a couple of times a week. This will ensure the drying of water and the flow of fresh air.

The chimney is another common area that we don’t notice. Maybe this is because we can’t see how dirty our chimney is. However, when it rains, water can drip down the chimney and remain there. This creates a very wet yet dark area that totally supports the growth of mold. Eventually, this will even affect how well the chimney performs. The best way to avoid this is by getting your chimney maintained on a regular basis.

Believe it or not, leather is another area that is commonly targeted by mold. A lot of us park our cars in the garage and leave them overnight. However, a garage can be dark, damp and without any proper ventilation system. In this situation, your car’s leather seats can easily be targeted by mold. If you want to avoid this then make sure you get a proper ventilation system installed in the garage.

The last thing that is commonly affected by mold is probably the most critical to our health – the dishes. When we wash our dishes, sometimes they are stored away in the cupboard whilst they are still wet. Due to these conditions, mold can easily grow on the dishes and ruin them for future use. Furthermore, if you don’t notice the mold then you might end up using the dishes. This will put your health at risk and you certainly wouldn’t want any of your family members to be in this position. Due to this health risk, make sure your dishes are completely dry before they are stored away.