Make Sure You Use These Foods When Cleaning Your Home

There are many chemical cleaners available for purchase that will do the job just fine. However, some people want more. They want household cleaners that can not only do the job, but can do it in a wholly natural way.

cleaning your kitchen

Here are a few simple household items that will help you get started:

Coffee Grounds

When you have caked on and baked on casserole dishes in the sink try using fresh coffee grounds to scrub the debris away. Their astringent nature will help tear away the baked on particles and break them free much easier than using a liquid dishwasher. And the fresh clean scent of coffee will be appealing to the senses as well.

They are also a fresh new idea that can aid in decreasing unwanted odors from gym bags when they are placed in a pair of panty hose and tied off at the end. They can be placed directly into the gym bag and taken with you on the go for everyday use.


Bread is good for many things, the first of which is to feed the belly. But there is another great thing that a crusty week old loaf of bread can be used for. Try breaking bread over a painting that has hung on the wall for a while. It will not only absorb and soak up any unwanted moisture but it will also gently clean the delicate surface with ease.


Nobody enjoys cleaning up after the person that used the microwave before them, but it is a necessary evil for most households. Instead of using harmful liquid chemicals, cut up some lemon slices and place them in a glass bowl filled with water. The fumes that are released will help to loosen the dirt and grime from the interior walls of the microwave, making it easier to clean away the mess. You can also use lemon to make a natural cleaning solution to place in your carpet cleaner.

The cutting board is something that is difficult to keep clean. But the same fresh lemons can be used to sanitize the nicks and scrapes that naturally occur during use. Cut the lemon in half and scrape it across the surface area to get the best use of it.

A garbage disposal is something that can become malodorous over time with all of the different foods that pass through it. But using fresh lemons through it can utilize the acid within them to break down the buildup and also make the odor disappear with very limited effort.

Dry Rice

Everyone seems to have clusters of random vases scattered throughout their home. Their size makes them difficult to clean and it can be a pain as well. Try using dry rice to clean them well. Place the dry rice inside and spin the base in small circles to clear away what builds up and they will sparkle again.

It makes good budget sense to look around the house for things that can be used for everyday cleaning. You just might find that you have everything that you need to get the job done right.